Unique Double Tote Bags



Our Double Tote Bags are Unique and Multifunctional.

They were designed, developed and created by Funandfoutas.

This bag, both elegant and sporty, can be used in various and varied situations:

at the beach,

as a yoga bag,

as a baby bag,

in town as a shopping bag,

as a chair cover,

... and much more !

Don't hesitate to tell us YOUR way to use this exceptional Double Tote Bag or post your photos with the hashtag #Myfunandfoutas. The most inventive ideas will receive a promo code to use on our entire site!

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Dawn double tote bag

Price €49.00

This amazing dawn bag from the Beach Spirit collection has 2 compartments, so it's a double tote ! The beautiful colour is perfect for the beach and its small detachable handbag is really functional. 

Dusk double tote bag

Price €49.00

A functional and totally new design! The double tote makes it a perfect bag for strolling, yoga, beachdays and with its small handbag you can easily find your purse and phone.

Sky double tote bag

Price €49.00

Sky bag from the Nature Spirit collection. This multifunctional bag has its own small detachable inner handbag to be able to find your keys, money, cellphones instantly !

Grass double tote bag

Price €49.00

The Nature Spirit collection has 5 bags in beautiful nature colours. The grass bag is green as grass and as all the Funandfoutas' double tote's its small detachable handbag comes in handy for your free time