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Lurex saucha double tote bag

Price €49.00

An off-white double tote bag. Two large compartments and a small removable inner handbag. Simply perfect to go to your yoga classes, to enjoy a walk on the beach or a city shopping trip ! An original and unique double tote !

Lurex prakriti double tote bag

Price €49.00

This dark green bag is not only a unique double tote bag but it also has a small removable inner handbag for your keys, phone, wallet... Simply unique. The double tote can be washed, folded, it's soft and light, all-in-one for every day.

Lurex Prakriti Fouta

Price €22.00

Beautiful lurex prakriti fouta from the Yoga Spirit Collection. So useful during yoga classes, on the beach, in the garden or simply in the house as a tablecloth or a throw...