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Dusk double tote bag

Price €49.00

A functional and totally new design! The double tote makes it a perfect bag for strolling, yoga, beachdays and with its small handbag you can easily find your purse and phone.

Cork Yoga Block Funandfoutas

Price €18.00

Funandfoutas Cork Yoga Block, perfect for yoga and sports. Such a nice ensemble with the Funandfoutas yoga bags and mats. The Funandfoutas yoga block is a high quality and ecological accessory highly appreciated in the practice of asanas and meditation. It can be used to sit down, to open the heart in backbends, for stability, inversions, and much more!

Desert Honeycomb Fouta

Price €16.00

The honeycomb woven fouta is really soft. This beautiful and elegant grey fouta is large and multifunctional ! It's a perfect fabric for pool days, beach outings, your holidays, sports and yoga, and of course as an fashionable towel !