... but where does this cork come from ?  


Cork is natural, eco-responsible, recyclable and is perfect for your yoga mats. The touch is amazing and the maintenance is easy. Our yoga mats and bricks are particularly popular for all types of yoga because they are extremely light, foldable and easy to take away!

The cork used to make our yoga bricks and mats comes only from Europe, from the cork oak, a evergreen tree.

The peculiarity of the cork oak is that it has an outer layer that forms a homogeneous, elastic, impervious fabric having good thermal insulation - cork.

Cork is extracted from the tree in late spring and summer, but only every 9 years, to allow the tree to regenerate and remain healthy.

A cork crop thus preserves the trees, because they are left intact, and thus the ecosystems created by these forests too!

Cork for more Fun and Foutas!

Chêne-liège pour les accessoires yoga en liège Funandfoutas

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Cork Chocolate Zen Spirit Yoga Mat

Price €89.00

A beautiful chocolate-coloured cork yoga mat.  The mat is soft, light, easy to roll up... and each little Funandfoutas' label is hand-stitched in our workshop. A beautiful chocolate-coloured mat with just 1 Funandfoutas' label for a minimalist and zen look.

Cork Zen Spirit Yoga Mat

Price €78.00

A unique and recyclable European cork Yoga mat. An exclusive Funandfoutas' mat, combining simplicity, natural material and French elegance! The yoga mat is really soft and light and easy to roll up. ... Its lightness and softness also make it a perfect yoga mat for traveling. Each label is sewn by hand in our workshop. Only one label per yoga mat for a...