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Yoga and yoga mat straps

Price €19.00

NEW ! Yoga straps, for all your yoga practices and to store and carry your yoga mat. The straps are elegant and sturdy and can be used for your postures, alignments and stretches. They are also perfect for storing your mat at home or transporting it to your yoga class. Funandfoutas offers fun, unique and original products!

Cork Chocolate Zen Spirit Yoga Mat

Price €89.00

A beautiful chocolate-coloured cork yoga mat.  The mat is soft, light, easy to roll up... and each little Funandfoutas' label is hand-stitched in our workshop. A beautiful chocolate-coloured mat with just 1 Funandfoutas' label for a minimalist and zen look.

Cork Zen Spirit Yoga Mat

Price €78.00

A unique and recyclable European cork Yoga mat. An exclusive Funandfoutas' mat, combining simplicity, natural material and French elegance! The yoga mat is really soft and light and easy to roll up. ... Its lightness and softness also make it a perfect yoga mat for traveling. Each label is sewn by hand in our workshop. Only one label per yoga mat for a...

Yoga Pack Asana Funandfoutas

Price €142.00

A perfect set for your yoga practice ! An easy-to-maintain non-slip cork mat and its light and stable cork brick, in an original, elegant and very practical bag, thanks to its two large compartments and its small detachable inner bag. Without forgetting the beautiful honeycomb fouta that you can use during your practice as a towel, cushion, knee...

Yoga Pack Prakriti Funandfoutas

Price €142.00

Unique and only at funandfoutas! ... a complete pack for yoga : A yoga mat and its light-colored cork yoga brick, a soft honeycomb fouta and a two-compartment yoga and leisure bag with a dedicated space for the mat or towel when sports or beach outings! The honeycomb fouta is perfect for all yoga practices, from the most dynamic to the most gentle. It...

Yoga pack Saucha Funandfoutas

Price €142.00

This Yoga set consisting of a light brown yoga mat and its cork brick can easily be stored, with the honeycomb fouta, in the beautiful Saucha bag with two large compartments. The bag also has a small detachable inner bag and is easily washable and very light. The honeycomb fouta is perfect during yoga practice as a small cushion, knee protector, towel,...

Cork Yoga Block Funandfoutas

Price €18.00

Funandfoutas Cork Yoga Block, perfect for yoga and sports. Such a nice ensemble with the Funandfoutas yoga bags and mats. The Funandfoutas yoga block is a high quality and ecological accessory highly appreciated in the practice of asanas and meditation. It can be used to sit down, to open the heart in backbends, for stability, inversions, and much more!