Funandfoutas, an eco-responsible and committed brand

Eco-responsible French brand

Funandfoutas is a French eco-friendly brand created in 2019.

We work to keep our environmental impact as low as possible at every stage of creation, manufacturing, storage and transport, taking into account responsible waste management, responsible harvesting or environmental friendly materials, a minimum of plastic waste and packaging, etc.

Responsible packaging

Funandfoutas is committed to limiting plastic packaging when transporting the manufacturer's products. The products will never be packaged individually in one plastic bag. A plastic bag is only used during shipping from the manufacturer to us. We ask for only 1 plastic bag for a total of 50 products to protect the products during transport.

Packaging for the transport of your products is eco-responsible, recyclable or recycled, and carefully chosen.

Eco-responsible on a day-to-day basis

Funandfoutas is committed to using only recyclable or recycled eco-responsible office supplies on its offices.

We are committed to printing as little as possible, the invoices for your purchases are thus systematically dematerialized when paying.

Supplier selection

Our different suppliers are chosen on the basis of the origin and specificity of our products. 

Suppliers are asked about their societal and environmental policies and possible certifications.

Finally, we choose to work with suppliers who have not relocated their manufacturing. 

For example, our supplier for the foutas is located in Tunisia, because foutas are traditionally made in Tunisia and are culturally part of the Tunisian heritage.

As for our products made of cork, the cork oak tree is native in southwestern Europe. Our choice of supplier naturally turned to a company in this region.

Funandfoutas adopts the strategy Made in Original

Our Commitment

Funandfoutas is committed to quarterly donate 0.50 euros minimum per item sold to an association working for causes such as initiatives against hunger, children's rights, reforestation etc.

Funandfoutas is also committed to regularly implementing specific actions benefiting these associations.

Funandfoutas is committed to continuously informing its customers about the specific or long-term actions put in place.

Do not hesitate to ask more questions about our commitment or to suggest a cause you care about.

Our commitment :

2019, Q4: Action Against Hunger

2020, Q1: Action Against Hunger

2020, Q2: Action Against Hunger

2020, Q3: WWF

2020, Q4: AMF-Téléthon

2021, Q1 : Reforest'Action, in 2021 Funandfoutas planted 30 trees in Boffa (Guinea-Conakry)

2021, Q2 : Vaincre avec elles (for woman affected by cancer and their caregivers) 

2021, Pink October  : Vaincre avec elles

2021, Q3 : Gustave Roussy