What is a "Fouta" 

Funandfoutas offers you a wide range of foutas, but what is a fouta?

The Tunisian fouta is a useful multifunctional rectangular piece of cloth and used as a bath towel, beach towel, pool towel, sports towel, yoga towel, travel towel, hiking towel, hammam towel..., but also as a soft blanket, pareo, scarf,  tablecloth, and even as a light blanket for yoga, in the car, in the plane, and during summer evenings.

The Tunisian Fouta

The fouta is made in Tunisia by passionate craftsmen. This craft is not only a Tunisian heritage, but also requires a manufacturing license.

Natural and multifunctional

The fouta is natural and multifuctional and always made of cotton, or cotton and lurex, and thus it is ideal for multiple uses, the hammam fouta, the pool fouta, the beach fouta, the picnic fouta, the sports fouta, the yoga fouta, the gift fouta, the scarf fouta, the holiday fouta, the travel fouta, the fun baby blanket fouta, the tablecloth fouta, and even the pareo fouta...!

The flat woven fouta and the honeycomb woven fouta... what is the difference ?

Two different weavings are mainly used for the creation of a fouta.

Flat woven fouta's are simply... flat 

Honeycomb woven fouta's are more absorbent than flat ones, although both types of foutas are used daily in damp places. Flat fouta's as well as honeycomb fouta's dry very quickly and are really light to carry, so perfect for your travels and vacation !

The Tunisian fouta is large, light, soft, handy, functional, pleasant, absorbing, pretty, colorful... !

Everyone likes these fouta's and there is a fouta for everybody 

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